Politics and Corruption

Mr Waugh’s Year 9 English Class

This course will encourage you to peel the skin back from your eyes and face the world as it really is

This Year’s Line of Inquiry

Choosing Politics and Corruption as your English programme for Year 9 means that you’ve got one of those minds that questions everything. This year we will be exploring through literature, drama, film, debate and investigation the relationship between power and corruption. You might not always like what you uncover – It’s a serious course – but there will always be moments and reasons to be cheerful.

As with all programmes in the London Nautical School Department of English, the Learning Plan for Year 9 is unique to me as your teacher. It is devised, within the guidelines set by the over-all Key Stage Three programme, to best meet the needs and engage your passions and it arises as an extension of my own passions and my best professional judgement about what 14 year old boys should be learning.

You chose this class, you have made a commitment to me as a teacher and this programme of learning and as always your feedback about the content of this, or the English department’s over-arching scheme, is most welcome. It’s going to be a brilliant year.

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